The Final Four is Set

Cornell held off Army and Stony Brook got close, but the final four is set.
Next weekend in Baltimore…. Duke, Notre Dame, Cornell, Virginia.

The Baltimore Sun and ESPN have reported that Maryland head coach Dave Cottle has resigned after nine seasons at the helm in College Park.

The Terps have made eight NCAA tournament and three Final Four appearances (2003, 2005, and 2006) and won two ACC championships under Cottle’s leadership, but the team faltered in the quarterfinals this year vs. Notre Dame.

via Laxpower

Terps men’s lacrosse coach Cottle resigns
Departure, after nine seasons, follows upset loss to Notre Dame

D3, Tufts took a surprising game over Cortland, we’ll be seeing them in Baltimore too.

Championship back where they belong, tickets available here.

I want to congratulate the Salisbury women for winning their Division 3 National Title title.


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