Wednesay Woops

Orioles losing to the Yankees after the 5th, what else is new?
How cool is this, Solar Eclipse Blankets Asia.

Lance Armstrong dropped to 4th. He’s still a beast.

Out: Flip-flops, bare midriffs, tattoos

Howard county issued a “Expectations for Professional Attire” brochure. The only county in the state to do so, they prohibit flip flops, shorts and bare midriffs and facial piercings. Just a guideline they say.”Visible tattoos and/or brands that are provocative” are not favored leaving me to believe that tattoos that are run of the mill are OK. They should also mention the importance of a daily shower. One of my teachers in middle school smelled so bad it was hard to stand within 5 feet of him.

Last but not least the University of Md. to test swine flu vaccine .

The University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Center for Vaccine Development will be one of eight centers in the nation to test a swine flu vaccine on adults and children.

The clinical trial, slated to begin next month, will enroll up to 1,000 adults and children to evaluate whether the vaccine is safe and effective in preventing the virus known as H1N1, which public health officials fear could mutate into a deadlier strain this fall.

They will test it on children? I didn’t think that happened?


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