Weekend by Jake

Rolling Stone has Michael Jackson: The Essential Moments .
That should be the end of it.

The Orioles were shut out last night. Left handed starters aren’t doing them any favors.

I’m still having a hard time getting used the The Sun’s new format in which everything looks like a blog.

The Ambassador, a vacant old theater in West Baltimore, didn’t sell yesterday. According to the Baltimore Sun the highest bid was $125,000.

Look at the picture at the link. I’d be a great property to own, and $125,000 is reasonable when you think of how much money has to go into it. It would be better to sell it within the community, and for a reasonable amount of money to people who care about the area. A community owned theater is their best bet. It’s that or the place goes to ruin, or gets torn down for a 7/11.


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