Mid Week Stuff

I’m sick of excuses and political correctness applied to obesity. I caught a blip on my local news, 1/3 if this country is obese, OBESE, not slightly overweight. Overweight people get sicker and are at greater risk for surgical procedures. it’s time to stop blaming your environment or medical conditions and stop eating.

The statistics aren’t flawed. We are fat.

Good news. Baltimore tested it’s subway system after the fatal metro failure in Washington D.C.
It passed. Baltimore’s subway system passes control, collision tests.

Everytime I lose hope, something happens to rekindle it.
Play it again: Orioles 11, Red Sox 10

The Sun’s new online format really sucks. There are a lot of problems with pop ups which block the reading of the pages. Is anyone listening? It’s be great if they could get this taken care of.


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