Goat, Highways, Horses and Vogue

Goats to cut our grass?

Not wanting to disrupt the lives of the bog turtles living at the site of a highway bypass in Northern MD. the state highway administration came up with an idea to control plant growth, one better than mowers. Goats. If it works here than the project will be expanded. I’ve read that it’s part of Governor O’Malley’s “Smart, Green and Growing” legislative package, aimed at reducing the state’s greenhouse gas emissions 25 percent by 2020″, but I think it initially started as a way to save the turtles. Goats are cheaper than cattle and less likely to kill the turtles than larger more expensive cattle. We’re not the first state to attempt this but I’m glad we are doing it. It will also cut down on mower pollution. Ten years from now the sides of our highways could be loaded with nothing but goats.

I have to ask. What about the goat shit? Is it as toxic to the environment as cow shit?

Rachel Alexandra, Preakness winner, will not run in the Belmont, but she did have a photo shoot with Vogue magazine for their August issue. Mine that Bird didn’t get a Vogue shoot after winning the Derby, and if he wins the Belmont which he has a good chance of doing now that Calvin isn’t riding Rachael and will ride him, I bet he still won’t get a Vogue photo shoot. I cry sexism.



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