Duke – Syracuse, Virginia – Cornell, Rachel Alexandra

John Hopkins went down big time to Virginai today at Navy, that sucked but wasn’t surprising. The Sun say’s hammered. That is a good word for it. Duke squeezed a win by one in a much more competitive game, even though the game was close and nothing is a sure thing, I was never in doubt as to what the outcome would be. Duke is better on capitalization.

And a female horse won The Preakness, but there were fewer to see it because the suffered from the down turn in the economy, and the new alcohol policy of Pimlico no longer allowing people to bring their own alcohol on to the infield, something that has been the largest draw to that event in the history of the place. The infield looked deserted compared with past years. Can’t blame people used to settling in in the wee hours of the morning and getting their drunk on with their case of beer and lawn chairs, for deserting. “Preakness deemed a dud” was the common headline, no dancing girls, crazy teens or drunk old men. Glad I wasn’t there.

Without beer, Preakness infield was less filling

In one of the great Baltimore protests of all time, the sweltering masses rose up as one and thundered: You won’t let us bring beer to your party? Fine, we won’t show up at all. See how you like that.


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