Power Yes, Da Bomb No

Technique Disables Plutonium’s Use in Bombs

Israeli scientists have devised a technique to keep plutonium produced in nuclear power plants from being used in nuclear bombs.

Adding the element Americium, a synthetic compound used in commercial smoke detectors and industrial gauges, to nuclear power plant fuel generates higher-than-normal concentrations of a particular type of plutonium, rendering it useless for armaments without additional processing.

“If you make a bomb with a lot of Plutonium-238, you’d melt down the structure of the bomb. You can’t create it,” Yigal Ronen, a professor of nuclear engineering at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, told Discovery News.

Sharing my recent fascination with a Discovery military Channel I bring you, from Weirdest Weapons I give you The Fart Bomb.

In 1994, the Wright Laboratory in Ohio wrote a memo that proposed some interesting weapons. On the list were several, er, special items: a flatulence bomb; a bomb that would cause the enemy to develop halitosis; and another bomb that would make all the men in an enemy unit become gay.


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