Start of the Season

A friend approached me the other day about starting a business with him. A restaurant and bar. Say what? Are we getting some of that bail-out money?

It’s a few minutes to go in quarter 3 and UMBC is up 8-5 over Rutgers in their 2nd Lacrosse game of the year. Things change fast it 9-6, my fingers are crossed. I should have gone but the older I get the more strict my weather requirements become. Fifty degrees and no wind is as far as I’m going.

Some truth from Mike Preston Lacrosse recruiters aim younger: NCAA should step in to stop the madness

In some respects, lacrosse recruiting is worse than big-time college football and basketball because the sport is played in the spring. At least football and basketball players get to play through their senior seasons in high school. Because lacrosse is played in the spring, senior seasons are basically worthless, so the hunt for talent begins during sophomore and junior seasons.

t’s easy to point fingers at Pietramala and Starsia, but they aren’t doing anything illegal. They are just taking advantage of the opportunity provided by the system. The only real group that can do something is the NCAA, and the solution is simple: Don’t allow recruiting until the start of a player’s senior season. It would create a more level playing field and allow the players to mature mentally and physically.

The two suspects usually blamed for this recruiting madness are Johns Hopkins coach Dave Pietramala and Virginia’s Dom Starsia. North Carolina’s Joe Breschi has joined the list because of the rash of oral commitments he received last summer from rising juniors.

It’s still 10-6, I’m Out


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