Steele Steals the Show

Michael Steele elected to lead Republican Party after a five-hour ballot marathon, an outsider and an underdog they say, except he’s pretty conservative, and isn’t beyond the typical Republican games, the Republicans just don’t really have anywhere to turn and I guess they figured a black dude worked for the Dems,,,,,,


Thanks to cooper for sending me the link.

A Children’s Treasury Of Stories & Videos From Michael Steele’s Maryland Political Career.

Him and his bud Ehrlich were not the worst leaders of our state, but this is not some Maverick Republican, this is just another conservative, but he he was the vice ruler of this state for 4 years so I feel guilty not congratulating him. There are times I like him. Can he make the Republican Party something better? We will have to wait and see.

Michael Steele some years ago showing Governor Ehrlich, during his inauguration, where the words to The Star Spangled Banner were.
(AP photo / January 15, 2003)


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