Wedding Wishes

Why is it every time there is a wordpress official announcement it is accompanied by an androgynous photograph of some vague design or tech person who appears to be to be from some space comic?

I’m heading to a wedding this weekend. Not heading to, I’m in a wedding this weekend. My cousin”s. He is very good friend, the man who taught me to smoke cigars and drink bourbon. He’s almost thirty, an acceptable marriage age if there is one.

I won’t bore you with talk about my attire. I’m not going to complain I have to pay for a tux I’ll never wear again, I purchased my tux because I was told everyone needs one, and I would wear it again and again. It was almost as cheap to purchase it as it was to rent it. Here is to hoping I have to attend a couple of black tie events in the next couple year, to make it worth the expense.

Getting married in the dead of winter in a part of the country not known for it’s tropical climate is pretty stupid if you ask me, but I am looking forward to the food and the band both said to be the best.

I haven’t been to a wedding of anyone I knew as an adult. I hope this doesn’t start a really huge trend.


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