The Good News.

I voted against slots but majority rules and slots won in Maryland. It’s estimated that for every $1 generated in slots revenue, taxpayers will have to spend $3 to pay for increased crime, traffic, foreclosures and addictions.

Maryland also voted in favor of early voting, something I voted for. Approval lets legislature enact law opening polls 2 weeks early. This should be mandatory in eery state and would increase the number of people who vote.

I voted for Obama. You probably heard this already – he won.

At least one exec at Boeing thinks that biofuel powered planes are coming. Maybe sooner than we think.

The article sounds more encouraging than it is. With oil dropping it’s likely we’ll fall back into old habits. It will be up to the new president to prevent this from happening.

That’s th good news.


One response to “The Good News.

  1. I find the slot thing particularly annoying, early voting is a great thing though.

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