Bay Bridge

The fatal accident this past weekend where a truck went over the jersey wall when an oncoming vehicle crossed the center line (two way traffic takes place on one span of the bridge to accommodate heavy beach traffic on the weekend) . Not the optimum way to do business,” Ronald Freeland, executive secretary of the Maryland Transportation Authority said of the two way traffic scenario ” not the optimum way to do business,”, but said at this time there is no alternative.

it was the first fatal accident in56 on the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. No one is quite sure why the concrete jersey walls did not hold the truck. They are investigating.

There is an ongoing investigation into the chance that 19-year-old Candy Baldwin fell asleep at the wheel of her Camero. The accident occurred around 4 in the morning.

Two-way traffic to continue on span

1st responders shocked by accident scenario

I have a friend who will not drive over the Bay Bridge. She pays $25 to have them drive her car across.
Smart woman.
19-year-old driver in Bay crash tested for alcohol


One response to “Bay Bridge

  1. I can’t believe that this woman has not been charged in the death of this poor truck driver who obviously was killed trying not to run into her. She went over the center line into his lane in a 2-lane setup; this was her fault. The other injured drivers should sue her. Being unconscious is the excuse that alcoholics used to give for not being responsible for killing people. This woman had no right to be driving under the circumstances that she describes. She was at a wedding and probably drinking and then she drove a 4 am when she would be tired and drowsy from any drinking. I can’t believe that the results of an alcohol test aren’t available immediately. It appears as though someone is covering up for this woman who killed this truck driver. She is guilty of manslaughter. She obviously feels that her being unconscious is an excuse for this “accident.’

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