Vacation and one more thing.

I am on vacation yet spent an hour in an internet cafe drinking coffee and surfing, even though we have access in our cottage. Go figure.

It’s probably the result of my deep sea fishing day.

Deep sea fishing is not like lake fishing. I got ill within fifteen minutes of the land merging into the horizon.They don’t go in for you either, they let you vomit off the boat, and send you downstairs.

I took a couple of pills, not sure what they were, and ended up feeling somewhat better, but I have never wanted land so bad in my life.

Today I did what I never do on vacation, shopped in a seaside town for gifts and souvenirs, drank coffee and surfed the Internet at a cafe, and slept. I still feel like I’m at sea.

Tomorrow we are going inland,to fish at a lake. That is my kind of fishing.

Wish Me Luck.

While you’re at it, thanks to a notice by cooper at wonderland or not, I found this information on a female soldier, Lavena Johnson, who is apparently a victim of a murder which is being covered up by the army.

After reading cooper’s post I scrolled around and surprisingly found very little on this. Nothing is the Baltimore Sun or WAPO or the other major news publications I searched.

Start first at this site scroll through it fully it covers almost everything. Google LaVena Johnson to see other article about her on the web and go to this site where there is a list of things you can do now to help this case go forward instead of slipping into oblivion.


One response to “Vacation and one more thing.

  1. Enjoy your vacation!

    Thank you for sharing this information about LaVena Johnson with your blog readers. This weekend is the 3rd anniversary of her death. I’m hopeful we can get congress to re-open this case and bring some justice and closure for the Johnson family…

    peace, Villager

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