Take A Survey for Maryland

If you’re from Maryland you might want to take the Monitoring the Future of Maryland: A Survey of Highway Safety Issues.” the survey.

Department of Public and Community Health of The University of Maryland developed this in conjugation with Maryland Department of Transportation’s State Highway Administration and the Maryland Highway Safety Office.

The purpose of this survey is to collect public opinions on Maryland traffic issues such as traffic concerns, drunken driving problems, knowledge of traffic safety issues, etc.

It takes about ten minutes but it could prove useful.


2 responses to “Take A Survey for Maryland

  1. I think Maryland roadways are great. The only thing I would recommend is to expand 270 and create more direct route to ocean city. I hate waiting on the bridge. But really we have a pretty great state!

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  2. On my way to work I hit like 2 pot holes on my block alone and Eastern Ave has a bunch more. I will definitely have to fill out that survey! lol

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