March Madness, and Endangered Battlefields.

Holy Hell, Mount St Mary’s is going to the dance. My sister, in her first year there, called me last night to let me know – she was beyond ecstatic. I don’t understand it because she doesn’t even like basktetball. Either way it’s cool for them and I hope they win  one.

 Antietam National Battlefield  is endangered  according to the Civil War Preservations trust. Endangered because they want to put a cell phone tower close enough to mar the view and wreck the atmosphere. Monocacy National Battlefield is also on the list due to a proposed “waste to energy” plant.

I think cell phone towers are invasive, and it’d be too bad to see  them mar the view at Antietiem, but the “waste to energy” plant sound like such a great idea I can hardly find fault with it. The problem, Maryand is loaded with historic battlefields, because we were postitioned so conveiniently during the Civil War, eventually some of them are going to have a disturbing view.

Anteitam sshould be left in peace, but Monacacy may have to suffer the waste to energy plant, that would be my vote should anyone ask me.


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