No More Smoke

Tomorrow at midnight the last smoldering cigarettes will be snuffed out in barroom ashtrays across Maryland.

A small homage to smoking in the bar.

Hate the stuff but had enough smoking friends in college, especially when they were drunk, to know that bars and smoke go together. Here’s to hoping this ban doesn’t kick the creative spirit out of the state.

In the case of Baltimore bars, and many other establishments throughout the state, some proprietors have gone to great lengths to prepare for this time, some installing elaborate outdoor smoking areas equipped with comfortable seating and a heat source, in some cases the outdoor smoking arena doesn’t look like an outdoor smoking arena at all. Other establishments have simple thrown a few plastic chairs and an ash tray or two out back.

I happy to live in a state which provides this protection but still enjoy some of the creative ways bar owners have dealt with the situation, but I’ve found people who smoke willing do it in the most uncomfortable places, so it wasn’t necessary.


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