Happy New Year. Go Redskins.

With 36 year old career backup Jason Campbell replacing their injured starter, the Redskins demolished the Cowboys making it into the play-offs.

they all laughed, simply because this was not supposed to happen. Four weeks ago, with Taylor yet to be buried, they stood on this very field and watched in horror as the Buffalo Bills moved down the field in the last frantic seconds of a game the Redskins had won and kicked the last-second field goal that stole away the victory.

I had just read cooper’s post, Times Gone By, when I flipped to the Washington Post to read of a Maryland family of five, traveling for the holiday in Ohio, hit by a truck driving the wrong way on the highway. The whole family dead, including a six month old.

The driver of the truck some twenty-four year old, had been drinking at a bar; employees at a Taco Bell he visited after leaving the bar reportedly notified police of an intoxicated driver. The crash, the Blade reports, took place around 10:55 p.m.

Happy New Year


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