Merry Christmas

How do you miss an order and release a prisoner who had been connected to a rape?  It’s as bad as doing surgery on the wrong side of the brain?

In Baltimore they are doing what they can to make sure smokers are comfortable, even after the smoking ban goes into effect. As a non smoker it doesn’t bother me as long as the smoke is not where I am. If they really wanted to do their patrons a favor they would make them go out into the freezing night to smoke, maybe they would hae second thoughts and smoke one less cigarette.

I wonder if Obama had been talking about smokers instead of obesity if anyone would have gotten in a uproar. There are plenty of compalints out there as cooper pointed out in her post Obama’s Big Fat Conundrum

I’m taking the last two weeks of this month off. Heading to Jamaica after Christmas, returning after the new year.

If by chance I don’t post here until after the beginning of the year, have a safe and happy New Year.


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