Crabs and American Idol

The lowest number of juvenile crabs since the state began counting in 1989

They should start by closing all “Phillips”, nasty place.

I owe my parents a lot. I had a good life so when they asked if I’d come pick up my little sister earlier in the week, and accompany her to American Idol Baltimore, I said no of course.

I then said yes.

I owe my girlfriend one for this; she accompanied us, my sister and two friends , to this pre-pubescent pop culturally tawdry event.

Live, only a couple of these people can really sing. Some of them are close to horrible. As for stage presence? Not present.

Unless you count Sanjaya, who can’t sing, but who even my girlfriend admitted has some charm. Sanjaya was also the only reason the pre-pubes were there, so I blame this whole thing on him.

That lost night was on your back Sanjaya.


One response to “Crabs and American Idol

  1. Well, I do not like crab picking anyway but I think the bay needs to be watched carefully. In Maryland the problem is the economics of it all.

    American what?

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