RIP Wild Bill

Cowherd: Bill Hagy was one wild fan of the O’s

am not going to tell you “Wild Bill” Hagy was a choirboy, because someone who guzzles nine or 10 Budweisers and shot-puts his cooler from the upper deck of a stadium before being led away in handcuffs probably doesn’t qualify for that.

“Drinking nine or 10 beers, you get a little impulsive” was how he explained that crazy cooler-toss, his personal Gandhi moment back in 1985, when he protested the Orioles’ new policy prohibiting fans from taking beer into Memorial Stadium.


One response to “RIP Wild Bill

  1. I went to a lot of games as a child in the late 70s and early 80s. Back then box seats were ten bucks and the food was affordable. Since corprate seating and camden yards came to existence the ball park experince sucks. I’m so glad that I grew up when I did. What make it worse the orioles have sucked for the past ten years. It’s sad to see a team with such a great history go down the crapper like this. It’s hard to watch. they started out good again this year and now there true colors are showing agian. We will be in last place by the middle of the season if things don’t change soon. I have a great deal of respect for wild Bill. He did what he felt was right by protesting the new order of rules in 85. If anybody else would have had the balls to do the same maybe the ball park experince would not suck so bad.

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