Gone Fishin

Special report: Minor league, major troublesYears of flawed city decisions mean Ripken Stadium thrives while it generates unexpected losses for Aberdeen

I’ve only been there a couple of times but it looks like Cal has to getback in the picture.

Death 178 seems to bring out outrage Gregory Kane asks, At exactly what point should the number of homicides in a city make your jaw drop?

Here’s a more sobering thought, one that many of us may be thinking, but few of us would dare say out loud: Is it who is being killed on Baltimore’s streets that makes us so accepting of homicide numbers that people in other cities find appalling?

We know the demographics of homicide in Baltimore by now. The victims and perps are usually young black men with criminal records. Is there a feeling – an acceptance – that somehow street justice is catching up with these young men before court justice does?

Street justice Baltimore-style is brutal, cold, remorseless, relentless and oh-so-final. Those choosing to engage in the chess match of Baltimore street crime pretty much know how that end game is going to be played.

Just keepin the blog alive.

Gone Fishin


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