The quandry between clean energy, and cost

“Maryland is on a dangerous and unsustainable path of consumption.”

Hancock: Fantasy of cheap electricity is just that

“Maryland’s electricity rates, at 10 cents per kilowatt hour, are among the highest in the Washington region and above the national average, officials said yesterday. As consumption has climbed with development, state lawmakers have moved to cut emissions from car tailpipes and smokestacks and require that electricity come from renewable sources such as solar and wind.”

O’Malley Holds Summit to Help Develop State Policy

“You can’t have it all. Economists know a government cannot simultaneously control its interest rates, currency value and international capital flows. Only two of three are possible.

Attendees at today’s Annapolis summit on energy will find a similar “impossible trinity” in trying to chart Maryland’s energy future. We can have cheap energy. We can have clean energy. And we can have reliable energy. But not all at the same time.

If the summiteers don’t recognize that one must be sacrificed to guarantee the other two, they’ll be blowing smoke and setting Maryland up for an even worse situation than the one they’re seeking to address.

Most Maryland electricity comes from coal, the filthiest fuel known to man or woman. True, pollution-control technology and stricter laws are reducing emissions of mercury, sulfur dioxide and other poisons.”


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