You didn’t drop a Bomb on me, or did you.

I don’t have much time and promised not to post until fully graduated but the answer to “how do you stop an exploding man” was anwered last night on the final episode of volume 1 of Heroes.

I seen it called ” bone-chillingly good conclusion” and I’ve seen it called a “mundane and and expected”.

 It was somewhere in between for me.

Loved the girl power – niki in the parking meter.

Expected the Hiro to be a main factor in the end and I look forward to the next volume where he will some how be declared a god.

The ”Heroes” season finale: Dropping the bomb

Heroes Redux: Now That’s One Bomb-Ass Finale


2 responses to “You didn’t drop a Bomb on me, or did you.

  1. it’s the only show i watch jake, and i liked the ending. It was almost forty minutes of nothing before the end though, that was annoying.

  2. That was a good episode, along with Lost that same week.

    I’m beginning to think these TV show writers are much like drug manufacturers. Their job is to give you just enough to want more…& more & more…until they write themselves so much into a box that they’re unable to develope anymore mystery…..wait.. That is how it works..damn me!

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