Maryland Declares itself – not fooled

Ehrlich concedes governor’s race

An O’Malley spokesman said Ehrlich called the Democrat about 10:30 a.m.

“It was gracious of Governor Ehrlich to call the mayor, and now we can begin the process of bringing the state together and moving forward,” said Rick Abbruzzese, O’Malley’s spokesman.

The animosity between the Mayor of Baltimore and the Governor is notorious and part of the reason O’Malley did not have as much success in improving the education and decreasing the crime in Baltimore.

Increasing tuition at state schools by forty-percent over the last four years hurt Ehrlich as did the flyer put out by him and Steele, the flyer delivered in PG County which on quick look gave the impression Robert Steele and Ehrlich were if not Democrat at least on their side and endorsed by some well known local democrats. One of the black men pictured on that flyer a rabid Democrat well known in PG county Jack Johnson, was furious and at this time the incident is under investigation by the attorney general’s office here.

Thinking people are too stupid to know the difference doesn’t get you elected.

Minorities, women play a central role


One response to “Maryland Declares itself – not fooled

  1. Great Post Jake, you are becoming a regular radical.

    I may have misjudged you.

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