Red October

disappointed in Red Cctober.
Baltimore leaders may bid for Sun

A group of prominent Baltimore business and civic leaders has launched an effort to buy the Baltimore Sun, sending a letter Thursday indicating its interest to Tribune Co., the Sun’s Chicago-based parent.

Theodore G. Venetoulis, a former Baltimore County executive, said he wrote Tribune on behalf of the newly formed Baltimore Media Group. His letter expresses “strong interest” in buying the Sun and other assets held by the Baltimore Sun Co.

Venetoulis chairs the group, which includes Abell Foundation President Robert C. Embry Jr. and civic leader Walter Sondheim. The founders of the Abell Foundation owned the Sun before selling it to Times Mirror Co. in 1986. Tribune bought Times Mirror in 2000.

Venetoulis declined to name the other participants, but he said 15 to 20 “very successful” Baltimoreans have expressed interest.

YouTube removes Comedy Central clips over DMCA claims – Comedy Central getting corporate.


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