There are several research studies recently, in the social science sphere, which indicate that multiculturism fails.
This article from the Retriever addresses it briefly. What do you know?

Ok, allow me to put my sarcasm aside and discuss this issue in some degree of seriousness. The issue today is not immigration, it is assimilation. No one today fumes about the Irish or Jews who immigrated 100 years ago. The reason is that they became Americans. They dropped the hyphenation pretty soon after they arrived and became American.

There are several elements of this assimilation. The first and most important feature is English. Learning English and applying it is a cornerstone of being American. Calls for bilingual education do a major disservice to immigrants as they promote the idea that both English and Spanish are co-equal languages in the United States.

More than English, immigrants should be immersed in American culture. This includes teaching concepts such as capitalism, democracy, free speech, religious toleration, limited government, and self-reliance. America is an individualistic country and this should be taught to all immigrants entering into our country. Immigrants must be immersed in the “American way” if they and their children are to be successful in the United States.

With all that said, legal immigration rates should be raised as to allow more people to live in the greatest country in the world. However, we should reject the multicultural impulse, which would have us believe that we can have several autonomous cultures within the United States.

Great nations and empires fall on account of a lack of cultural unity. Thus, immigrants must assimilate and we as Americans must invest whatever it takes to make these newcomers American. Otherwise, we allow for the creation of several indigenous countries within our own borders. So what’s it going to be America?

Will it be ridiculous fences that don’t even accomplish the state mission? Or are we prepared to accept the idea of investing money to acculturate vast numbers of foreigners who want in on the great American experiment? The choice is ours.

I agree that aculturation is the way to go, and I understand that multiculturism as a concept has come under a lot of fire recently. English does need to be the language of this country but I think we do a great disservice when we as a country refuse to see that in a global community we need to start thinking a little larger.
Multiculturism has failed, doesn’t seem to work in any country on earth in which it has been studied, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t work.

There are ways to keep true to one’s culture and still be an American but there is a significant amount of aculturation which need to accompany this.

We are Americans.

We should be able to figure this one out.


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