Comments on Financial Times article.

From the Financial Times –

Study paints bleak picture of ethnic diversity

I’m trying to find the study to look at exactly what the ” other factors” were that the professor used in the control besides calss and income. That would matter  as per the outcome and could be significant or not.

We might want to have a more in depth study of the community itself, the place, the reason the community is ethnically and racially diverse etc,

I will search for the paper in full but I quote a comment on another site

“Robert Putnam is a chatty social scientist, so I wouldn’t count on it.”

This seems true. Richard Posner in his brilliant book, “Public Intellectuals: A Story of Decline”, gives a devastating critique of Putman and the way he distorts to make headlines or sell books.

I don’t know if this is true but as I said I hope to read the full study.

Second post here, and I have an exam in an hour and twenty minutes so I mustbe off.


One response to “Comments on Financial Times article.

  1. The man is a study whore, despite his Harvard Peddy Gree. 😉 He does like to sell books.

    Seriously though I would have to see the whole study.
    When you find it send it too me. So many unanswered questions.

    Jake, this is better than that ungodly yellow, red and whote thing at livejournal. i know the be true to your school phase was upon you at that time but still.

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